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Why Are You Not Losing Weight On Paleo? The Amazing Answer And More

By Adriana Seng | Gluten-Free Foods

Oct 09

Is your paleo diet giving you the desired weight results that you want? If not, then you’re one of the many who is not losing weight on paleo. That was my problem before until I finally discovered why I’m not losing weight on this healthy diet.

I have observed the paleo diet for about three months, but my weight was still the same after that. I went to look for answers on the internet and I was surprised that what I’m doing all along was wrong. Learn more about paleo and the reason why are you not losing weight below.

What is Paleo?


New York Times bestselling Author Robb Wolf of the Paleo Solution refers paleo as a healthy diet which helps you become strong, lean, and vibrant. It avoids refined foods, sugar, and trans fat because they’re believed to be the cause of several diseases, like cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Instead, it aims to eat whole foods that offer more nutrients to the body.

To know which food to eat and avoid, watch this video here.

The inspiration of the Paleo diet comes from the diet of our Primal ancestors, who are hunter-gatherers. This diet has achieved a large following lately that’s why it has gained a lot of scrutiny and misinterpretations. Actually, Paleo is not a new diet, but it has been a lifestyle that has been existing for centuries.

Why Are You Not Losing Weight on Paleo?

Here are the possible reasons why you are having trouble losing weight even though you do follow the Paleo diet strictly.

1. You missed eating more vegetables


Nutritionist Julie Upton observes that a lot of Paleo followers fail to add more vegetables into their diet, although these dieters were successful in skipping from processed foods. To prevent disease and lose weight easily, you need the right balance of skipping processed foods and eating more vegetables.

2. You may be eating too many calories


Of course, one obvious reason why you’re not losing weight is because you have high caloric intake. Although, the Paleo diet was able to cut down on your consumption of processed foods, it was not able to set restrictions against calories. If you snack on nuts, oils, and avocados, then you’ll surely not lose any weight as you pack more calories into your diet.

3. You’re not exercising enough


Although, you might be eating all the right foods prescribed in the Paleo diet, this may be futile if you live a sedentary lifestyle. You need to use that energy to good use by doing some simple workouts, like walking, jogging, and weight lifting. If you combine exercise with a healthy diet, then you’ll surely see some positive results in no time.

How to Lose Weight With Paleo?

To make sure that you lose some weight on Paleo, here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Eat more protein in the morning


Sometimes, we overlook the importance of breakfast that we settle for just eggs and coffee. The result, you easily get hungry the entire day and increases your cravings for high-calorie snacks, like nuts and other sweets. If you want to cut your food cravings, begin your day with a heavy meal, preferably with more protein, like meat, and some vegetables.

2. Limit your consumption of nuts and sweet fruits


Nuts are paleo and they taste really good. The only problem with this food is you tend to overeat them without you knowing it. You can just sit and enjoy eating a jar of cashew nuts, without realizing that you’re packing some calories into your body already. Although they’re healthy, they contain high amounts of fat, especially cashews.

Sweet fruits may be healthy but they have high fructose amounts, which is still sugar. Like nuts, fruits can be easily overindulged, too so always be mindful of your portions.

3. Eat more vegetables and exercise regularly


To reduce your caloric intake, incorporate more vegetables into your diet. Among the paleo vegetables that you can try include asparagus, broccoli, and spinach. If you don’t like their bland and distinct taste, you can always use them in green smoothies and meat dishes.

The best way to lose weight according to WebMd is to exercise more and eat less. If you eat around 1,200 calories daily, you can exercise at least one hour per day, so you can lose about 3-5 pounds in the initial 7 days. It is also not advisable to cut calories any further.

Final Thought

Not losing weight on a diet is really troublesome because it seems that all efforts are put into waste. In a Paleo diet, it is essential that you mind your calories because it doesn’t lay any restriction in that aspect. To help you lose weight, you need to eat more vegetables, exercise, and limit your consumption of nuts and sweet fruits.

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